What does A.E. Contracting and Design do?

A.E. Contracting, Art and Design, as the name suggests, is dedicated to providing professional remodelling and artistic packages to make your dream space a reality. Whether it is your own home, office space or industrial, we have the resources and creative drive to solve the problem.

What do you specialize in?

We mainly specialize in Interior Design and various Artistic services (Including murals and fine art) with options to expand the package into renovation by recommending one of our certified construction partners and guaranteeing for the quality.

Why the name Art Exploration?

We originally started as a Art and Design company with youth programming but quickly realised the amount of fraud/low quality work provided by private contractors and the impact it had on our clients. As a result, we decided to create a roaster of tried&trusted trades we recommend to our clients and oversee their work to ensure the greatest standard of quality and durability.

Why would one hire an intermediary designer?

Weather you hired us to design your space or not, depending on the size of your project, you will require a qualified person with artistic vision to ensure the end result is the best it can be within the budget. as well as, consult on potential issues without a conflict of interest.

An intermediary designer consultant is different from a construction foreman because we would not be associated with the construction company and thus, not biassed or trying to cover up certain aspects.

Why would I need a general contractor/ designer do oversee and manage my project?

A General Contractor with an Art&Design degree is the best of both worlds and that is what we have to offer that is unique. With that background of technical, artistic and practical knowledge we can advise on products best for the job, catch misuse of equipment, mistakes and consult on visual aspects all in the same hourly rate.

We know from experience what is realistic to ask from each trade and timeline in order to orchestrate what trades need to come in first and what trades would be in each other’s way.

We also make sure the most durable materials and techniques are used, and that all on site activities are conducted by health&safely standards, city code, are conducted by certified trades and do not void insurance.

What would I be charged for?

When you decide to collaborate with our company, you will be charged per hour spent on site (industry standard ranging from $100-$200/h), phone consultations and troubleshooting or on 3D renderings.

We only invoice for Contracting&Design consulting, Sketches, 3D rendering, Project management, Tools/Materials consulting, Colour consulting and Commissioned artwork of all mediums.

Any other trades we recommend will invoice you directly as independent contractors and we will make sure they deliver the best finished product in a timely manner and roughly within the budget. (satisfaction guarantee)

What do you look out for when managing renovation project?

We start by meeting with the renovation company to review the agreement and go over what is expected. in order to make sure everybody is protected.

We also start running a WSIB check in order to ensure the client is covered from any on site liability as well as abiding by the city building code & not voiding home insurance but ultimately city inspectors have the final legal say as we are only qualified consultants.

What other services do you offer?

We directly offer:

Interior Design - 3D Sketches - Colour consulting - Decor - Exterior Design and Landscape - Architecture Consulting

Custom paintings - Fabric - Sculptures - Photographs - Prints &more

Roaster of trusted trades that specialize in:

Drywall - Taping - Framing - Tiles - Plumbing & Electrical - Heating & Cooling - Painting - Faux Finishes - Carpentry - Upholstery

Handyman - Installation - Artwork hanging

Realty - Financial services - Mortgages - Legal Services

What makes your company qualified to do project management and design?

After receiving a University degree, and working more than 10 years in the field I have made the best connections for each trade, that trust me and perform at their best & for the best price in order to continue a mutually beneficial partnership. thus creating the best environment for a project to develop smoothly

The extra benefit in the fact that you remain in control of the invoicing process. that is project management, consulting &design will be billed separately from other trades so that you have a choice between different contractors and price points.

That being said, I trust that you will honour the consulting agreement and not cut a deal separately with someone from our roaster, as our service package includes a satisfaction guarantee and theirs does not.

(please see the policy page for more information)

How much does it cost to hire you?

Our hourly fees vary from $100 to $200/h* depending on the service provided and skills applied. Please see our Cost Page for more details or contact us.

*Please note that some travel fees apply for outside the GTA

Why do you Invoice separately from the other trades?

We invoice separately due to Insurance coverage, we are an Art&Design Company with no employed staff and do not have the same coverage as a Construction Company.