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About A.E.

Information about the Art Exploration company


About A.E. Contracting & Design

We are a General Contracting, Art and Design Company that believes in a well rounded collaboration based on trial and error over the decades of different trades and services in order to deliver an impeccable final product. Whether we are just delivering a mural, a sculpture, redesigning of your living room or just fixing some water damage, we either provide the Artistic services ourselves or recommend the absolute best and oversee their performance.

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About the founder

Emanuel Ciobanica - Owner

Emanuel Ciobanica - Owner

Emanuel is a professional Artist and Designer trained in Europe as well as Canada. She started the company more than 10 years ago and has been working in the Mural, Renovation and Interior Design industry from the start.

It was all set in motion when she came to Toronto from E. Europe with an entrepreneurial thirst to build her own company from scratch, without any family support or financial security, by utilising all her artistic and leadership skills to achieve her goal.

As far as style, is always expanding her body of knowledge, adding new skills and techniques, keeping up with new trends, as well as, celebrating the classic luxury aesthetic of the past.
She has very diverse experience, interests and training that inform her style, ability to lead a project and consult of different issues.